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Commercial General Contractor, Commercial Construction and Restaurant Construction

Located in Anaheim servicing San Diego, Los Angeles, Inland Empire and surrounding areas


Respected Relationships

Levica Builders began establishing relationships with our subcontractors from the outset of our existence. We continue to nurture and grow our subconctractor relationships realizing that our subcontractors play a very important part to our company, with them we are able to accomplish our mutual goals and create a more valuable relationship with our clients.

Bidding Information

Levica Builders uses BibMail to send out plans and bid invitations, but always have a full sized set of plans at our office in Anaheim for contractors to look at and do take-offs. We are always looking for hard working, dedicated subcontractors to be part of our team. If you are interested in getting on our bidders list, please click here to download our Company Info Sheet. If you would like more information on joining our incredible team, please feel free to contact us.


While projects vary based on our clients’ requirements, below are some of the requirements needed from subcontractors if awarded a project.

A signed copy of your company’s Form W-9 indicating current legal name and address.

Business License for project city (if required)

The following is our insurance requirements –

Subcontractors shall furnish Levica Builders with certificates of insurance NAMING LEVICA BUILDERS, INC. AS ADDITIONAL INSURED

General Liability – $1,000,000 minimum of liability.

Automobile Liability – $1,000,000 minimum of liability.

Workers Compensation